Another racist in politics. Does the Reclaim Party know who it’s first elected official is?

Anthony Allen, a town councillor in Market Drayton, North Shropshire, has defected from the Conservative Party to the Reclaim Party, making him the party’s first ‘elected’ official.

Reclaim have rejoiced at this, but it appears that neither the Conservative Party nor Reclaim have done much vetting of Allen before allowing him to represent their party. If they had, they would have found a Facebook profile littered with vile anti-Muslim sentiment and abusive messages.

From idolosing the anti-Muslim and convicted thug Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (AKA Tommy Robinson), to talking of a “Muslim take over” and championing the ‘Great Replacement’ conspiracy theory which has inspired terrorist atrocities like the Christchurch attack - Anthony Allen has all of the trademarks of a far-right activist

With the North Shropshire by-election taking place in just over a week. We would like to know if Reclaim Party candidate, Martin Daubney, endorses Anthony Allen’s shocking racism? 

Join our campaign: Tweet Martin Daubney to ask why they are celebrating a racist in their party!

No more racists in politics!

Tweet deputy leader Martin Daubney now.