The Government's weaponisation of 'free speech' could benefit the far right, and we need your help to stop it. 

The Government's new Higher Education (Freedom of Speech) Bill will bring in new measures that will force universities and colleges to ensure speakers can speak on campus if their viws are legal - even if they're there to promote holocaust denial, race science, and other abhorent lies. If passed, the bill could see universities fined and compensation for speakers if events were cancelled.

Voters want to see free speech protected, but as society has for decades, they draw the line at harmful, hateful liars who will pollute the debate. The government must amend its legislation to ensure Holocaust deniers and others are not protected, or they should withdraw it entirely.

Email your MP

De-platforming works and universities should not become a safe space for anti-academic, dangerous and harmful rhetoric such as genocide denial and the far right. 

Write to your MP and tell them to vote for an amendment that will make sure genocide deniers are not protected on campus.