Andrea Jenkyn's hateful politics

Andrea Jenkyn, the Conservative MP for Morley and Outwood, is stoking hate. The boundaries are changing and she will be standing in the new constituency of Leeds South West and Morley.

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Climate denial

Andrea Jenkyns has a second job as a director of Net Zero Watch (NZW), a Radical Right pressure group that denies climate science.

She says that she has “no-to-net-zero views” and that “Westminster has been gripped by groupthink on climate and energy policy for far too long.”

Anti-immigration attitudes

Andrea Jenkyns is the Deputy Chairwoman of the European Research Group, a collection of Conservative MPs pushing for a hard Brexit and lower immigration.

She said about immigration that it is ‘right to describe this as an invasion’.

She also called immigration lawyers working on the Rwanda bill ‘anti-British activist lawyers’

Pro-Trump views

In the 2020 US Presidential election Jenkyns tweeted, ‘#LetsPrayForTrump to get better and win the election’

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