Mark Jenkinson's hateful politics

Mark Jenkinson is the Conservative MP for Workington and is standing in the new constituency of Penrith and Solway. And he is stoking hate. 

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Arguing against free school meals, Jenkinson said that in his constituency some "food parcels are sold or traded for drugs"

Climate scepticism

He said that the government had “bowed to climate terrorists' after its decision to order a public inquiry into the controversial Cumbia coal mine project.

He also released a statement that called the decision a “capitulation to climate alarmists”.

Anti-transgender comments

In a transphobic blog post, he said that erasing the notion of biological sex would cause harm to women and the "LGB community".

Jenkinson has also expressed his belief that transgender identities are not valid. He tweeted - "I don't get to call myself a chicken if I cover myself in feathers".

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