Stop Susan Hall's hateful politics

Susan Hall is the Conservative Party candidate for Mayor of London. And she has nasty views that she wants to keep secret.

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  • When: 8am, 6th March
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    • West Hampstead

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    What does Susan Hall believe?

1. Anti-Muslim  

She shared a post from far-right figure Katie Hopkins calling Sadiq Khan “our nipple height mayor of Londonistan”. Londonistan is an anti-Muslim word to say that Muslims have taken over London.

2. Views on Black Londoners


She said “please don’t ever mistake me for a BLM (Black Lives Matter) supporter”. Hall talked about “Problems with crime within the black community”. She also criticised Notting Hill Carnival.

3. Supporting Enoch Powell


On social media, Susan Hall has supported the racist politician Enoch Powell. Enoch Powell made an infamous racist and anti-immigration speech in 1968 called ‘Rivers of Blood’.

4. Donald Trump Fan


She cheered on Donald Trump saying, “Come on Donald Trump - make sure you win”. She posted a conspiracy theory that the 2020 American Presidential election was stolen from Trump.

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